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RoofGEN University

Increasing your rankings, creating lead flows and managing paid traffic means more qualified customers calling your phone which in turn results in increased profits!

In our FREE Marketing Course, RoofGEN University, you’ll be instructed on proper techniques to increase your rankings within Google’s search engine results, create an automatic lead flow through Craigslist & Facebook for no cost, set up Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and more. No, we’re not giving you a half done course that will require you to beg for more training. We’re giving it all away. If you’re a DIY – you better hop on the training asap!

The original plan was to sell the course for $3497. After discussion we decided that we’d continue to add videos, provide support and build a community for roofers at no cost. We do ask that you join our Facebook Group – RoofGEN University and contribute when possible.

If you have questions on any sections feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or schedule a free Strategy Call.

Need to improve your Roofing SEO ANd lead generation?

After 10 years of servicing hundreds of clients from many different industries we finally created RoofGEN to focus on roofers. Although our previous company serviced companies from all niches it always seemed to come back to roofers. We’ve realized that we’re able to nail down the process and provide the most value to roofing companies. It doesn’t hurt that we have a construction company ourselves. With thousands searching for a new roof in your area each month we’re able to drive that traffic to your site and convert them once they’re on page. If you have a competitor beating you we suggest scheduling a free strategy call to see what will allow you to surpass them. We’re closing in on having helped 100 roofing companies. By the end of 2017 our goal is to have helped over 100 roofers increase their bottom line.

Please take advantage of the Free Training inside of RoofGEN University and get in touch with us with any questions that you have.

There’s a good chance you came across our site while searching for a term such as; roofing lead generation, commercial roofing lead generation, roofing lead services, roofing leads, commercial roofing leads, hail damage roofing leads, roofing SEO or another keyword. If so, there’s a reason we’re ranked at the top.

Hop on a Free Strategy Call to discuss your company goals and what you can do to increase your Lead Flow and Conversion.

We encourage you to check out our top professional contractor sites that are already ranking and bring in commercial roofing leads as well as residential roofing leads on a daily basis. One of our top case studies is out of a roofing contractor out of South Carolina. Check out the structure of this site, Cornerstone Construction! You’ll find many call to actions, images and brief descriptions of services offered. We not only optimize for roofing leads but any services offered such as siding, gutters, insulation and more!

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RoofGEN University [FREE]